29th Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting
CNS*2020, Online

Information-Theoretic Models in Psychology and Neuroscience

An online workshop for computational neuroscientists and mathematical psychologists taking place on 21st & 22nd July 2020. 



Models of information theory describe the behavior and neural dynamics in intelligent agents. They have arisen through fruitful interactions between mathematical psychology, cognitive neuroscience and other fields. However, opportunities for such interactions seem to be few at the moment. This workshop aims to fill this gap by bringing together researchers with different backgrounds but a common goal: to understand information processing in the human and animal brain.

The workshop will discuss information sampling, encoding and decoding during sensory processing, time perception and higher cognitive functions. It will review state of the art techniques based on deep neural networks, probabilistic inference and dynamical systems. It will also provide updates about recent results using these techniques to understand the biology and behavior of intelligent information processing.


The workshop will be of interest to members of the CNS community who are keen on model-driven explanations of sensory perception and higher cognition.




  • Vijay Balasubramanian, University of Pennsylvania 

  • Peter Balsam, Columbia University

  • Beth Buffalo, University of Washington

  • Karl Friston, University College London

  • Randy Gallistel, Rutgers University

  • Larry Maloney, NYU

  • Earl Miller, MIT

  • Devika Narain, Erasmus MC

  • Bill Phillips, University of Stirling 

  • Jonathan Pillow, Princeton University

  • Dimitris Pinotsis, University of London ​— City & MIT

  • Tomas Ryan, Trinity College Dublin

  • Noga Zaslavsky, MIT



This is the list of talks to be held at the workshop. By clicking on the arrow next to the speaker name, you can find the title and abstract of the talk along with a link to the speaker homepage.

Session 1: Tuesday 21st July 09:30 - 13:55 ET / 15:30 - 19:55 CET

Session 2: Wednesday 22nd July 09:00 - 13:55 ET / 15:00 - 19:55 CET

For any inquiries related to this workshop, please contact the organizers at pinotsis@mit.edu ​